Canadian Housing and Renewal Association’s 2018 Annual Report Design

The Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (CHRA) is a national non-profit association in Canada representing those working in (or concerned with the state of) affordable housing and homelessness in Canada.

As the association had celebrated its 50th anniversary during 2018 we decided using colours and typography that signified this achievement, as well as the associations logo colours would act as the perfect base for the design. 

For the cover we created a collage using images from the last 50 years that show significant events the association has been involved with. As they are located in Ottawa, Canada and work closely with the government on the many issues of affordable housing, we purposely made the image of Parliament Hill the largest as it is the major constant.

2018 Annual Report Membership and Table of Contents.

2018 Annual Report Membership and Table of Contents.

2018 Annual Report Housing Professionals and Indigenous Caucus.

2018 Annual Report Congress in Ottawa and Awards.

2018 Annual Report Pillars and Board of Directors.

2018 Annual Report Webinars and International Activities.

2018 Annual Report Awards and Financial Statement.